Tyna Brewer

Tyna Brewer

Growing up on a dairy farm ingrained a deep appreciation of the strength and fragility of all life.  My brother and I spent countless hours with our grandmother exploring the pond, woods, fields, and nearby creek that surrounded the farm.  There was always something new to discover.

I have never been one to be idle for too long, however, my pace and life as I knew it was forever changed when I had a heart attack caused by Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) Information on SCAD.  This was a rather rare condition that couldn’t be fixed, only treated with time and medicine.

The directive given was “watch daytime television for three months” and stress was to be kept to a minimum.  I couldn’t comprehend what I was hearing. I had a vacation planned starting that week and job depending on me.  I didn’t have time to be sitting around and quite frankly, I didn’t know how.

To get myself through, I started exploring various methods of artistic expression I’d witnessed, but hadn’t tried. I started out with decoupage, which kept me busy cutting up magazines and making collages with various themes.  I then decided to try painting with acrylics and found it relaxing.  The next thing was pyrography (wood burning), which is something I have truly grown to love.  I have since incorporated whittling into my spare time.

I believe the universe speaks to us all in unique ways; it’s important to be listening.

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