Teri Devine

TDevine Design - Teri Devine (Fluid Artist & Photographer)

Through abstract color, texture and imagery, my intention as an artist is to soothe the weary soul as well as spark imagination and creative thought.

Bold colors, layers, dimension and unpredictability creates the controlled chaos of fluid art. I use a variety of mediums including acrylics, inks and resin as well as a mix of techniques. The variety of interpretations by viewers – many I never would imagined – is what makes this art fulfilling and exciting.

As a photographer, I want to project a simpatico through my work whether the subject is a living being, rusty nostalgia or Mother Nature. I’m very fond of the micro lens because it offers a glimpse into amazing tiny worlds. Since I like the not so ordinary, digital photo editing gives me a creative venue for image enhancement and manipulation.  How I intend to render the photo will determine the digital editing process. While I use a variety of cameras, my two favorites are a Nikon 5300 Digital SLR and Apple iPad Pro.  Apple offers quality and high megapixels so many professional photographers are using the iPad Pro as another tool in their camera box.

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Teri Devine
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