Art by Tiff

Art by Tiff FB cover Rainbow Peng

Tiffany Frye
(Clay Sculpture)

I like to make these Clayful Pets for several reasons.  Its relaxing, make something come to life in my hands that is cute and seeing people smile and enjoy them makes me smile and  while I am creating them and focused I forget about the stresses of life. I can spend hours on one animal and not even realize it.

I don’t have a specific thing that inspires me or my Clayful Pets. People have asked for some specific animals, theme or family member inspired. My mood sometimes sets the tone or theme of the one I am bringing to life that day. Somedays its small things and other times I like to see how far I can push the limits. I do put on my headphones with heavy metal music when I am creating them and that does seem to make them turn out happier. So you could say heavy metal is one of my main inspirations.

I started making clay animals in high school for an art project. My grandparents have the original 6 that I created and they will never let them go, sometimes I am not even allowed to touch them. To me they were just fun and something that came easy to me. I think that’s why I continue to make them. I originally only made penguins. I have made other animals of course, but I always go back to the penguins. I am not completely sure why I choose penguins, I just like creating happy animals and penguins just seem like happy little cute playful animals.

I didn’t get back into clay work until I met Kirk and Peter of Stonewall Art Gallery/Studio. They told me I could play with the clay and one thing led to another. I love the fact they helped me find that side again. I love making them and I want to see where I go with my Clayful Pets

Art by Tiff